11-month-old baby brutalized by parents over witchcraft allegation.


Alvan and Ugonwa Orji, residing in Cross River State, are now on vacation in police detention after being reported for assaulting their baby over accusations that he is behind their misfortunes. They were in
the habit of physically and emotionally assaulting their son constantly, giving him inhuman treatments such as tying him to a chair, using electric cable on him and consistently yelling at the boy.


The complainant, Barr. James Ibor, the Principal Counsel of Basic Rights Council Initiative (BRCI), said neighbors also confirmed that the child’s father batters his only child with his belt and electric cable regularly. Alvan confessed to inflicting injuries on his child but claimed he did so because the baby is possessed with ‘Ogbanje’ (Marine) spirit….. if ds report shld gt to heaven, many unborn children won’t b willing to come to Nigeria again…..

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