“40% of every first born in all families are not from their fathers,” Lagos DNA expert reveals.


Dr. Oyinwola Azeez who has been practicing this trade for years said: I can tell you this happens to so many men. Do you know that 40% of most of the first born don’t belong to their so called biological fathers; all
over the world, reason? Most of the ladies often have one or two boyfriends.” Azeez, formerly based in UK, ventured into the trade after his own personal experience.

He had fathered a set of twins for 4 years without being their father. He was already planning to move their mother in to Nigeria and she was already dictating to the carpenter the way she wanted her room to be and so on before the bubble burst…… ds is one of d many disadvantages of having or being a first born. Who even knows whether Dangote is d real father of most of us. *sighs*……

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