President Jonathan finally linked to political party now asking for election postponement.


USA and other Watchers have described the last postponement of the Nigerian elections as “political interference.” Now, INEC has been ordered by a Federal High Court in Abuja to register a
new political party, Young Democratic Party. YDP is now insisting that INEC, who has already printed all ballot papers, must have its name on the ballot for the presidential polls or postpone the elections again.

One of the main faces behind YDP who also doubles as their spokesperson, Ugo Nwofor, gave INEC two options; that INEC reprints its ballot papers or INEC should postpone the elections to accommodate the party.

But Mr. Ugo Nwofor has a history with GEJ. He once wrote a book ( pictured above ) dedicated to president Jonathan’s life and rise to power. So people who have been suspecting foul play need not look too far any more…… d wishes of those clamoring for “change” may soon come true again wit a “change” in election dates. Be careful abt wot u wish 4…..

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