Honesty finally paid off: Airport cleaner who found and returned N12m gets massive pay rise.


When the owner of the money was told about how Josephine Agwu found the money and returned it, he counted it to confirm that it was complete, then simply looked at Agwu and walked away. But heavens finally smiled on her after
employer, Patovilki, increased her salary from N7,800 to a whooping N15,000 per month for the 12 hour per day job. Miss Ugwu is aware of how she is being viewed by some Nigerians and she has this to say:

“People should appreciate what they have. People do a lot of bad things because they are not happy with what they have. With the little I earn, I try to manage it well. If I can’t manage that small money that I earn, even if I begin to earn N1m, I will still not know how to manage it.

So, I am telling every Nigerian to be happy in any situation they find themselves. Don’t be faster than your shadow because so many things will go wrong. Sometimes things get bad because people want to be like others. All fingers are not equal.

It is true that God promised those who serve him riches, but people should be careful how they go about it. I am telling people to have patience…… Nigerians r however nt happy wt d advice, claiming dt President Jonathan already has Patience all to himself n so not ready to share her wt anyone……

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