Man bites off stepson’s ear for defending his mother


The incident happened on Saturday at Asaka Street, Ebute Meta, Lagos State. There had been a disagreement between Udeme Inim and his wife, which had led to him assaulting her. Christopher Bassey, the stepson, intervened, only
for Udeme to leave his wife and attack him by going for his right ear and bit it off. He was rushed to a hospital but his ear could not be saved.

Chris said, “On that day, he was fighting with my mum and at a point he began to destroy some of our property. It was too much for me to bear. So I tried to stop him and that was when he attacked me and bit off my ear.”

Udeme was later arraigned before a Magistrate’s Court and granted bail in the sum of N20k….. Chris is now threatening to sue Guinness for misleading d public n tricking his mum into marrying Udeme after they ran an advert where they claimed Udeme was a very great man nt knowing dt he his a wife beater n cannibal jst like Hannibal……

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