Housemaid kills baby by stuffing him in drawer. Blames it on exciting African movie.


Violet Moyo, 22, of Bulawayo’s Cowdray Park, Zimbabwe, has been sentenced to 22 years in prison after wrapping a 10-month-old baby in a blanket and stashed him in a drawer for making too much noise. She said: “My
intention wasn’t to kill the baby, but to get him to sleep, but sadly I got too preoccupied with the movie and forgot about the baby.

I’m a rural girl who loves watching movies since where I grew up there was no television.” The baby suffocated due to lack of oxygen. After about 3 hours, Moyo went back to check on the baby and found him dead. She blamed her action on a complex combination of evil spirit, movie and mood swing….. she vows to become a Deeper Live Church member upon her release in 2037 n stop watching T.V even if Olamide continues mocking them like he did in his song “Durosoke”…….

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