107-Year-Old man weds 95-Year-Old woman In Plateau State


After 70 years of living together, Elder Dikam Garba Dabo’ok and Mrs Ka’a Nafung eventually tied the knot in church. The ceremony was held at the Church of Christ in Nations, Chizu village in Bwai. They
drove to the church in separate vehicles, as if they never met before. The groom was accompanied by cutely dressed men and the bride by a long bridal train.

They happily took the oath that they would love themselves until death do them apart. They also vowed not to allow a third party in their marital life. The groom said he had just 7 wives and 32 children during his younger days because he did not know Christ….. they’ll b flying out to Bahamas for their honeymoon where Ka’a Nafung will try to conceive one last baby…….

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