73-year-old pensioner chops off penis and throws it in river after 70-year-old wife broke his heart.


She left after 50 years of marriage. Turgut Oymen, 73, had been preparing to celebrate his golden wedding anniversary with lifelong sweetheart Nese, 70. However, while she was 550 miles away in Istanbul, the OAP called her
husband to say she had fallen in love with a 55-year-old doctor, and had decided to stay in the city.

In despair, Mr Oymen went down to a local river, at Kiziltas, Turkey, cut his penis off and threw it into the water before calling for an ambulance. A search of the river bank failed to find the missing organ. The penis is assumed to have been shared equally among some fortunate fishes.

He told medics that he had decided to get rid of his manhood because he felt it was useless and he felt like he was no longer a man….. he was videoed singing: “I wanna b wt u 4rm d start to d end, baby don’t break my heartioo,” d chorus of Cynthia Morgan’s song……..

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