“We snatched bag containing faeces, lady’s pant,” robbery suspect laments


Adekanmi Najim had policemen laughing when he confessed that members of his gang once snatched a bag which turned out to contain feaces and a female adult pants. Him and his gang members were arrested recently by policemen attached to the
Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Ikeja, Lagos State, at Oshodi.

He said the operation that landed them in the police net was not worth the trouble at all. He said: “In our last operation before we were arrested, we snatched a woman’s bag. We thought the bag was filled with money and other valuables, so we decided to close early that day and went home to share our loot.

We were shocked to find baby feaces and the woman’s pants inside the bag.” Najim, a commercial motorcyclist robber and his gang members had been terrorizing Lagos and Ogun States for a long time….. it’s funny how a shit can put u in a very deep shit. Oh well, shit happens…..

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