Woman beaten up for not looking like her social media display pictures.


Xiaojin Tuan, 32, and Huang Mao met on social network WeChat and decided to meet in real life. Huang was so excited about the date that he spent £5,300 ( N1.5m ) on flights to her home city of Suzhou, China. Huang said he was
shocked by the woman’s ‘fat face and spots’. So he punched her in the face and while she was on the floor, stamped on her.

His friend, Kong Ho, said: “He was very excited about going and when I said it seemed very expensive he replied that love has no price. He kept showing me the woman’s photo and called her his goddess. He was pretty gutted when he turned up and found out what she really looked like.”

Xiaojin has decided not to press charges and both vowed never to do online dating again…. Kong says his friend, Huang, isn’t a righteous man and dt was why his expectation was cut short. He backed d claim up wt d bible verse dt says “d expectation of d righteous shall not b cut short”…..

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