One of the leading American gossip site, Media Take Out, rubbishes Dencia


They claim she spent $100K ( about N20m ) on weaves, implants, butt shots and bleach just to look like Nicki Minaj. The Nigerian- Cameroonian singer came under fire after her Grammy Awards attendance. Here is how they wrote it: “Two years ago,
West African singer Dencia was a brown skinned thin beauty – with a great voice. Well she changed that ALL UP.

First she BLEACHED HER SKIN – and opened up a new LINE OF SKIN PRODUCTS. She’s now undergone MASSIVE reconstructive BREAST and BOOTY surgeries – in an attempt to “look like Nicki Nimaj.” What do you think? Did she accomplish her goal. She looks very FRAUDULENT to us….. Dr. Sid also said ds isn’t d kind of transformation he had in mind when he sang d song “surulere”…..

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