Mugabe fall: 27 guards suspended as Robert Mugabe orders the Internet to delete images of him falling


Heads have started rolling as the fallout over President Robert Mugabe’s embarrassing fall on Wednesday begins. 27 members of the presidential security and advance team who seemed immobilized as
90-year-old Mugabe tripped and tumbled have been suspended. The guards were handed their suspension letters on Friday.

The security failed to follow Rule Number 3 of their training manual which outlined the distance they should keep from the President. It is protocol that the immediate proximity is, at most, 3 meters from the President. They are the bullet takers and in cases where he falls they are supposed to hold him either by the arm or by the shoulder and should never take their eyes off him.


He went on to touch the ground on all fours. That should never happen….. Lil’kesh has also distanced himself from rumors making rounds dt Mugabe’s fall was a result of a failed attempt at bursting a “shoki” move without first shouting “haaaaa,” as is d normal protocol……

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