Meet the South African man who married twin sisters and his wives


Although it might be unusual for two sisters to take the same husband, 26-year-old identical twins Owami and Olwethu Mzazi couldn’t be happier. They’ve fulfilled what they say was their life-long dream of marrying the same man. Owami and Olwethu have always
shared everything.

Growing up in their modest home in Vosloorus, South Africa, the sisters washed the dishes, played, went to school and even bathed side by side. Now they have married the same man, 51 year old Mzukiseni Mzazi. “We have always done everything together.

That is how our grandmother raised us,” Owami said With this upbringing, they knew that nothing would separate them, not even a man. Mzukiseni isn’t the first to do this, Mobutu Sese Seko, the Zairian president also married twins….. they’ve vowed to gt pregnant dsame time n day n deliver dsame day……..

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