Blessing in disguise: Disabled 4ft 6in mugging victim’s surprised after donations hit £200k ( N58m )


A disabled pensioner, Alan Barnes, 67, of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, was born with growth problems and is now partially sighted. He was taking his bin out last Sunday night when a violent mugger pushed him to
the ground, breaking his collar bone as he landed. The mugger demanded money and searched his pockets before realizing he was not carrying cash.

When local resident, Katie Cutler, 21, heard about the shocking attack which left him scared to return home, she set up an online fund to help him. She aimed to raise £500 ( N145k ) but the total reached more than N58m, two days after it was set up. Cutler said: “I had just put my daughter to bed when I came across Alan’s story on Wednesday night and I was really upset by what I had read.”


Mr Barnes said today: “It is just amazing, a simple thank you doesn’t cover it. I was shocked when my sister showed me the figure, it was very hard to actually comprehend what was happening. It was a total surprise and I can’t believe the generosity being shown.”….. ds week, may we all receive d beating dt will make us millionaires…….

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