Disabled wife shaves her husband’s head using her toes. ( photos )


Bai Aixiang cooks, washes, embroiders, and shaves her husband’s head with her feet. She contracted polio at the age of 12 which left her hands permanently deformed in Heyuan, China. Nevertheless she
did not give up and taught herself how to use her feet to carry out day-to-day activities. She said: “I learned to do many of the things an able-bodied person would do. I knew that one day my parents would not be around for me.

I can cook, I can even do needlework or wash clothes or whatever. Shaving my husband’s head is really quite easy in comparison with sewing.” Because of her disability, she had struggled to find a husband and had resigned herself to living her life alone.


But at the age of 33, she was introduced to widower Ma, then 54. He fell for her instantly and persuaded her to marry him despite the 21-year-age difference. Bai is well-known in the village for her capabilities.

She not only maintains her family in a good order, but also helps local poor and disabled people to make clothes and do home chores. They had a daughter together but she died in year 2000…. Bai is currently learning how to twerk….

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