AIT has suddenly removed a popular online poll where Buhari, was resoundingly beating President Jonathan


Buhari’s lead in the poll was despite the president’s shelling out of N5m per daily showing of his sponsored documentary against Buhari. Earlier yesterday, SaharaReporters published a screenshot of the poll, which at that time showed Buhari
well ahead by over 76%.


As the day wore on, the poll saw Buhari’s lead rise to 79%. It was then swiftly taken down, AIT replacing the page with a claim that the page was “under maintenance.” AIT did not say whether its poll page would return after its ‘maintenance’, but some users had noted earlier that the TV station was allowing multiple voting for President Jonathan….. many Nigerians believe AIT was threatened by some militants who had earlier promised war shld GEJ lose either online or on FeBuhari 14……

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