This is the extraordinary moment Australian woman pulled her own twins from her tummy during caesarean delivery


Gerri Wolfe, 41, has hit the headlines for literally helping with delivery during her own caesarean. She reached inside her open stomach and pulled out not one, but
two babies while on the delivery table. Already a mum of 9, she decided she wanted to have what’s called a ‘maternal assisted caesarean section’ when delivering her 10th and 11th children, Matilda and Violet.



When the doctor initially didn’t want to allow her, she said: “It’s my body, it’s my birth, it’s my baby. This is what I need to reclaim my birth, to make it more personal for me, so I can be a good mother.” It was her 5th caesarean. The delivery took place on December 22 at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales…. d illuminati av finally taken over. D end is really near. Obama pls do something!!!…..


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