Parents of the albino girl who kidnapped herself disown her as she pleads for forgiveness


Her parents have vowed never to have anything to do with her again. They implored the police to treat her and her boyfriend as criminals. They say she has always been a bad child who has repeatedly brought pains and sorrow to them. Belynda Chinwe Bosa, a Mass
Communications student of the Delta State University, planned her own kidnap with her boyfriend, George Itietie, to obtain a ransom of of N10m from her parent.

They were arrested in Port Harcourt after they had received the sum of N500k. Although her parents would have none of her tears and pleas, saying she was only shedding crocodile tears, Bosa, crying profusely when her parents visited the police station, said:

“I regret getting involved in this crime. Please forgive me, daddy and mummy! I’m sorry for the stress I made you go through! George and I love each other. We decided to get married but had no money to plan the wedding. If I’m given the chance, I’ll still marry George. But we didn’t envisage that it would go this way.

I can’t just explain what came over me. I don’t know why I embarked on this shameful act. I’ve embarrassed my parents and soiled my family name for the sake of love. Can somebody please help me beg them to forgive me?”…… she had even invited bellanaijaweddings to cover d societal wedding b4 they’re arrested….

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