To please her 30-year-old lover, woman, 74, gets vagina facial on LIVE TV


Abigail, a pensioner tried out a new treatment to help those with “shambolic downstairs” or better put, dry and sagging vaginas. The concept was created by dating and relationship expert, Lisa Palmer, who
became conscious of how the years had aged the appearance of her vulva after her long-term marriage came to end.

Used to spending a fortune on facials, make-up and cosmetics to lure the opposite sex she decided to treat her vagina to the same treatment. Prior to putting on the facial, which consists of egg white and honey amongst other products, it is important to stream the area for at least 15 minutes.

The concoction should then be left on for around 10 to 15 minutes but no longer. How to make your own vagina facial at home: Coconut oil – Can kill bacteria and moistures the skin (one teaspoon), Vitamin E – Conditions the skin prevents signs of anti aging (one teaspoon)


Honey – Antibacterial and contains antioxidants to slow down aging and boosts skin (one teaspoon). Egg white – Tightens skin and improves texture (one egg white)….. do make up for d vagina jst to pls a boy who wants to dance horizontal tango wt u for a few minutes? ds is a criminal act….

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