Woman fakes own DEATH to get out of dating man she met online


Ann Gray, 29, from Somerset, UK said she had to fake her own death to escape a man she does not want to date again. She had been seeing the man she met on an online dating site. After the third date Ann invited him around for a meal but later made up her
mind that he wasn’t for her. She said: “I called it a night and decided that I never wanted to see him again. Luckily, he didn’t live in my town.”

When she tried to let her date down gently, it was clear he wasn’t getting the hint – so she told him outright that it ‘wasn’t working for her’. But that didn’t do the trick either, as Ann explains: “He continued to message me.”So Ann had to lie her way out of the sticky situation by pretending to be dead.


He later caught her on the dating website again some months later. “He sent me a horrid message! I am currently engaged to be married and not dead!,” she said….. u can’t try ds wt 9ja boys. They can kill theirselves jst to confirm whether u r lying or telling d truth…..

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