This is from my mail box: Allegation of fraud against Pastor Joshua Shonubi


Here is the allegation: “Hi first I want to thank you for your good work and not being scared of speaking the truth. I really need your help here to put out a criminal from our society. The man in the picture is
Joshua Shonubi Aka Pastor JP. He has been ruining people’s life lately and feels he is above the law. Something needs to be done. Joshua Shonubi is located in Bowie, Maryland, USA. And has a church called New Life Chapel International.

Under the cover or a pastor and legal adviser he has been defrauding illegal immigrants by getting them married to someone for green card and never go thru with the paper work. About 7 people including my cousin have been a victim of this.

He charges $7k and never comes thru with it. Unfortunately his victims cannot go the law for fear of deportation. Please help the DMV ( District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia ) get rid of such a criminal by making him public. Thank you in advance for your help.”….. Obama, I kno u secretly view ds blog. Guy pls investigate ds n do something abt it asap…..

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