Nigerian girls call for comedian Alibaba’s arrest after he shared his deep message for girls.


He posted the picture above with this caption: “God bless who put this up. It’s not only about curves unless it comes with serious LEARNING CURVES. It’s not about lipsticks but whether what you say from your LIP STICKS. It’s not about your breast but
also how ABREAST you are on issues that matter.

It’s not about how you walk but what’s your WALK OF LIFE. It’s not about your looks alone but your FORESIGHT. It’s not about child bearing hips. But to BEAR CHILDREN that SHOOT FROM THE HIPS. ITE not even about your bum, but what can make someone say YOUR ARE THE BOMB! Its not about your complexion. It’s about your COMPREHENSION, stupid! And for God Sakes!!

It not about who you know, ITS ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE KNOWN FOR! And It’s not about your accent sef… Can what you COLOR, with that accent, make you ASCEND TO RECOGNITION with flying COLORS.. Be mentally attractive. 5 Bs are core!.”…. He shld kno dt we r in d election period. Sensitive statements like ds can lead to destruction of relationships, business n of course, lives….

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