Woman cuts sons out of will and leaves £1m ( N290m ) fortune – to her pet DOG.


Accountant Rose Ann Bolsany, 60, said she is so in love with her Maltese terrier called Bella Mia that she has left her everything and cut her sons out of her will. She said her pet dog is a “gift from God” and
makes sure her every whim is catered for. Bella Mia eats filet mignon steak for dinner and has her own bedroom stocked with doggy outfits.

She said: “My children are grown and successful. They don’t need my money. They know how happy she has made my husband and I. We want to make sure she’s still have what she was accustomed to when I was gone.” Bella will inherit a fortune consisting of jewelry, a trust fund and even a holiday home.


Bella Mia has a boyfriend – a Chihuahua called Bogie who bought her a £400 ( N116k ) diamond necklace on Valentine’s Day last year….. she also says, d dog is in no way related to the owner of Bellanaija. And when u say may God turn some ppl to a dog like ds, they’ll b cursing u……

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