For the hatred of a girl child: Man tries to bury daughter alive


Abul Hussein, was yesterday arrested in Putia, close to the India-Bangladesh border. He had dug a pit in his backyard while his wife was away. He then put his daughter, 10, in it, hands tied, mouth taped and
filled earth up to her chest level. Realizing that his wife had returned home, he placed a bamboo-drum over her head, intending to bury her later.

But his wife soon grew suspicious and raised an alarm, following which neighbors rescued the girl. Police sources say the man’s dislike for the girl child led him to commit the alleged crime….. he shld av jst made d girl undergo a “sex-change” operation into a male. It’s worrisome dt civilization hasn’t yet gotten to them after leaving USA for India early last year in a chattered flight…..

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