Police department defends the use of actual black teenagers for target practice


A bullet-riddled photo of Woody Deant was discovered by his own sister last month when she visited the shooting range. An incident trip to a Florida gun range left a National Guard soldier in tears when the face of her own brother was found being used as
target practice by Miami police. The extremely disturbing sight, shows a then-18-year-old Woody Deant with bullet holes in his eye and forehead.

The booking photo of Deant was taken 15 years ago after he was arrested for drag racing. Today he says he’s a father, a husband, and nothing like how he’s being perceived when his picture is hung up for shooting. North Miami Beach Police Chief J. Scott Dennis has defended the use of mug shots for target practice, saying it’s vital for facial recognition drills…. d sad thing is dt when they r using ur picture, u’ll start feeling headaches where ever u r. I think mine was used all through last week……

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