“I saw Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul in hell fire,” Ghanian man who resurrected after a year of death says


Kwadjo Peter, claimed he collapsed whilst playing football with his friends and was pronounced dead by a doctor at the Begoro Hospital. He said he began to breathe again at the morgue and stood up to ask the morgue attendant to give him
some water to drink. Speaking with Peace TV, he said the shocked morgue attendant didn’t believe he was real and struck him with a stick which killed him again.

In the afterlife, he said he was flying but was frustrated with the fact that he could see his family and friends who could not hear him when he called out to them. He said he was taken to hell by a bearded man ( obviously a member of the famous beard gang ), where he saw Michael Jackson and late Catholic leader, Pope John Paul.


A church elder of the Divine Church of Jesus, Elder Godwin Abui, and Peter’s wife, Gifty Annor, testified that they witnessed Peter’s funeral. His claims have generated a lot of reactions from the public with many disbelieving it.

Kwadjo Peter came public with photos of his funeral about a year ago which show people crying and mourning him, also photos of his autopsy certificate, mortuary receipt….. Many Nigerians are however happy dt he didn’t see Late Sani Abacha is hell, an indication dt baba is chilling in heaven despite all odds……

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