Nigerian priest’s prayer misinterpreted: Makes 2 Cameroonian migrants kill 10 passengers aboard boat heading from Morocco to Spain


They hit their victims with wooden planks and pushed them overboard. The row began when a Nigerian priest started praying because he feared bad weather would capsize the boat. They wrongly
interpreted the priest’s prayers as the cause of the bad weather.

They also robbed their victims, mostly Nigerians, of around £1,200 before pushing them to their deaths. Only 29 of the 50 people who boarded the rickety boat made it to Spain. 8 babies were among those thrown into the sea as the boat was rocked by choppy seas.

African migrants seeking a better life in Europe often try to reach Spain by crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Morocco in small boats….. beating us whenever Super Eagles play them isn’t enuf again. They’re now beating us to death on high sea. Ds must stop…..

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