Is God ever late? This couple say NO. Mrs Tunrayo Alagbe got married at 43 and gave birth at 60.


Paul and Tunrayo Alagbe got married on September 3, 1998 and had their first child on December 29th, 2014. The baby girl was given close to 40 names including,
“End time things”, Halleluyah, Testimony, Esther, Jesulayomi, Ileri-Ayo-Mi, OkikiJesu, Adepate, Oluwatoyin, Omoronike, Ibiyemi, among others.

Tunrayo said: “Medically, I was told Paul has no problem, but I was the one whose fallopian tubes were blocked. I felt like I was a burden to him, like I shouldn’t have come his way and instead allowed him to live his life. I kept hoping.

I cherished my personal relationship with God because I know that the day you die, this issue of having children no longer has meaning. I tried to enjoy other things God has blessed me with.” On his part, Paul said: “We were 6 in my family; 4 of them died and it was just me and my sister left.

All my siblings who died did not have any children and there was pressure on me as the only surviving male to have a child. I was constantly reminded about the need to take the alternative option by getting a second wife.

However, I was convinced by my faith not to do anything negative.” Mrs Alagbe, who started treatment in early 2014, was confirmed pregnant in April 2014…. Ds is lovely. at least d little girl will witness d FeBuhari 14 re-election of GEJ……

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