Members of Parliament in Burkina Faso have decided to cut their salaries by half.


The move followed heated exchanges on social media after it was revealed that MPs were paid more than $3,000 ( N570k ) a month. The average salary earned by a citizen is about $150 ( N28.5k ) a month. Revelations about MPs’ pay prompted
angry reactions on social media, with many saying the pay levels amounted to an abuse of power.

One MP said the pay cut would promote better governance and rebuild confidence in democracy during a year-long transition to elections. Burkina Faso’s former national assembly was replaced by an interim parliament, the Transitional National Council (CNT), following violent protests over President Blaise Compaore‘s attempt to extend his 27-year-rule last year….. if u guys want ds to also happen in 9ja pls re-elect GEJ come FeBuhari 14 in ur own best interest……

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