The only female presidential aspirant, Oluremi Sonaiya explains the meanings of the name and logo of her party, KOWA party


She is a retired professor of French Language and Applied Linguistic and the only female presidential aspirant in the upcoming election. She took to twitter to say this: “Why is KOWA’s logo a handset? It’s simple, really. Handsets are widely used and, most importantly, are
within grasp; in people’s hands. We believe the people should be able to “hold” government to account. These are the reasons behind our choice of logo at KOWA Party.

KOWA is just the party’s name; it’s not an acronym. But it may mean something in a few Nigerian languages. In my own language, Yoruba, KOWA may mean “let it come” – let that good life we’ve all been longing for come. Someone here (twitter) asked me today if I was ready to rule Nigeria.

I’d like to quickly address that question now. No, I am not ready to rule Nigeria. Nigeria is neither a kingdom nor a fiefdom and we need to do away with such language immediately. More than that, we need to be wary of people looking for political office, who use the word “rule” when discussing their aspirations.

No, I am not ready to rule Nigeria. I am, on the other hand, ready to LEAD Nigeria. Leadership, not rulership is what we need. Rulership is what feeds impunity. Leadership ensures fairness & justice to all. Rulership feeds oppression. Leadership inspires confidence.

We need a leader that understands what governance in 2015 should be. I can be that leader. Leadership. Not rulership. Citizens. Not subjects. Inspiration. Not suppression.”….. She’d av been a major threat to both PDP and APC bt unfortunately d party logo is d very old BlackBerry Bold5 instead of d latest and competitive iPhone 6. So tragic…..

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