Girl falls from 18 storey building to escape from Facebook lover turn rapist


Ada Nba Agbazue, 17, who fell from an abandoned 18 storey building in Abule-Ajanloco, Lagos, says that her assailants intended to kill her for ritual purpose after he must have forcefully had carnal knowledge of her. She is currently lying at
the Ilemba Ajangbadi hospital, receiving treatment for multiple fractures and other injuries. She attributes her being alive to a miracle, stating that she finds it hard to explain her survival. She was lured to the building on December 26th by Michael, a man she met on Facebook.

She said she is alive to tell her story from the sick bed to teach others to be careful of who they make friends with on social media. She said: “On that day, My phone rang and a man said he wanted to speak with me. I don’t know how he got my number but he told me that it was from my Facebook page but he is not my friend on Facebook.

He told me his name is Michael but he is not any of the Michaels that I know. I did not see any harm because he said we should meet at the Ile-Nla Bus Stop which is a busy place. When I got there, I noticed he did not look like the Michael I knew on Facebook. At that point, I hastily pointed out that I don’t know him. As if trying to reassure me, he told me to cross over.

Not realizing the mistake in doing so, I crossed over. He touched me and immediately, matters changed. I lost all will to resist him and I followed him to the building. While he was trying to rape me, I moved to the window, looking for an escape. I tried to climb down by holding a pole. At that point, he ran to me, trying to prevent me from escaping.

I used my other hand to push him and that was how I fell.” Police authority however says that Agbazue was a victim of bad Facebook relationship…… ds brings d chorus of d song “Facebook Love” to mind, now humming “Facebook luv, waiting 4 ur message on my wall, nìbo lolo? Ígbáwó lóùn padá bó?

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