UNILAG graduate, who doubles as a Yahoo boy, rapes 9-year-old and flees


It happened on Dec. 2, 2014 at 83, Aina Street, Pako Aguda home, in Surulere, Lagos. Ikechukwu Obasi, 30, raped Nofisat, 9, while her mother, Mrs. Bilikis Balogun, was in the market. He has fled his apartment since the incident. The mother said. “I have never
thought that the man could do that to my daughter. He was such a friendly person. All I know about him is that he is a ‘Yahoo-Yahoo guy’ ( an internet fraudster ).

Nofisat, a quiet and shy girl, whose eyes showed the painful memory of the experience she had gone through, said: “He used a cloth to cover my mouth and I could not shout. He then carried me to the bed and did it. When he finished and I was bleeding, he said I should not tell anybody.”


Child Rights Activist, Mrs. Esther Ogwu, said: “The police should do a thorough job of tracking down the young man. Who knows the kind of fetish thing he might have done to the girl? This is a lesson to parents to be wary of neighbours they leave their children alone with.”

Ikechukwu’s Facebook fan page with the name, Eyekay Da Stika Obasi, states that he attended the University of Lagos and studied Psychology. However, Ikechukwu’s family had approached Nofisat’s family, pleading to pay N40k monetary compensation to settle the matter….. is N40k not too small? They’re nt even talking abt N50 billion to start wt…..

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