“South-South Youth Can Shut Down Economy If Jonathan Is Not Re-elected – Jimi Agbaje.


The Lagos State PDP gubernatorial candidate made the statement over the weekend in London. He warned of the dangers of not being sensitive when voting. While outlining his plans for Lagos State if elected, he said it was also important to be mindful of what happened at the centre. He warned that
Niger Delta militants could shut the country’s economy down if President Goodluck Jonathan was not returned to power next month. He said: “The Buhari of today is not the Buhari of 2007 or 2011 as he is operating on the steam of those who put him there for their own selfish purposes.

We also have to appreciate the fact that the people in the south-south have the ability to shut the system down if their man is not elected. Yes, it can happen in the north too but we have to ask ourselves which of the two scenarios we can survive best.”….. ds means dt d implications of not voting GEJ will b: no more constant power supply, no more sure employment, d value of Naira will drop and ds is jst to mention a few…..

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