Police checkpoint makes truck crush parents, two kids to death on Xmas eve as chickens survive


An eyewitness, Leke Okunola said that they were crushed to death by the truck which lost control in an attempt to avoid running into a queue of vehicles on the road due to a police checkpoint. He blamed the accident on the police checkpoint, saying if the road
block was not there, the accident would have been avoided. Leke said: “The car in which the victims were traveling was coming from the opposite direction and after the police had checked him, he moved, but a trailer which was loaded with bags of rice lost control and fell on the car.

The truck was on top speed. The driver saw a long queue of vehicles caused by the police checkpoint. The driver did not want to ram into the vehicles on the queue and veered off the lane. That was when the car was cleared to go. The driver of the car saw the truck and drove into the bush.

The truck driver, however, lost control and fell on the car. The victims were trapped under the truck for close to five hours before their mangled bodies were removed by rescuers. A lady who was given a free ride by the family survived but her hand was chopped while being pulled out from the wreckage.

Some chickens inside the boot of the car survived the tragic accident and flew out when rescuers opened the boot. The Chairman of the Non Academic Staff Union at the Osun State University, Mr. Isaiah Fayemi, who is an in-law to the victims, said the family had been thrown into deep mourning since the accident happened.

He called on the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Suleiman Abba, and the Commissioner of Police in Osun State, Mr. Abubakar Marafa, to investigate the cause of the accident and punish whoever was found culpable…. d best punishment will b to scrap Nigerian Police Force. R.I.P to d dead……

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