22-year-old Nigerian experiencing bipolar episode dies in USA custody on New Year Day


Mathew Ajibade’s girlfriend had called police to escort him to the hospital because he was suffering a bipolar episode. Both his girlfriend and his manager asked police to take him to a hospital, to which the police agreed. Aijbade was instead arrested and

charged with obstruction of justice, battery and domestic violence while being restrained. According to police: “while being restrained, he injured 3 deputies. He was then placed in an isolation cell due to his dangerous behavior.

He was in custody at Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department since 6:40pm on 1/1/15. It was during a second welfare check that he was found unresponsive. The Medical Unit staff started #CPR and administered defibrillation while preparing him for transport to a local hospital.

Efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.” He does not have any previous records of arrest. His family and friends are now distraught at how much vital information the police report lacks and mainstream media is lacking and how he has been painted like a thug in initial news reports.

The police and media are instead reporting that: “‘Combative’ inmate dies in Chatham County jail.” His bipolar episode was not mentioned, neither are his girlfriends pleas for him to get help she called for instead of him being violently arrested.

Family and friends remember him as being warm, giving, and caring. He was a student at scad and a Park-dale High school alumni…. ds is gross injustice. Obama should pls look into ds before Americans living in Nigeria start getting treated d same way by our police. R.I.P Mathew….

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