Suman Vaz, 38, has been stabbed by her husband for joking about his penis


The Indian woman made a joke about her husband, Ganpat’s manhood as she chopped a cucumber while he prepared a plate of fried vegetables. But fuming Ganpat, suddenly flipped out, grabbed a knife and
stabbed her in her shoulder. He then fled the house leaving her in shock. Fortunately, the knife didn’t damage any vital tendons or arteries and she sensibly did not try and remove the knife herself.


Stunned Suman said: “I can’t believe he did this. He’s never been violent before and we often joke about how useless he is in the kitchen. I just can’t understand what made him flip over such a harmless remark.”

Vaz was eventually arrested for assault, pleaded guilty and has apologized. But he will still face charges and could end up spending 2 years in jail….. ladies, in whatever u do, NEVER joke about a man’s penis. Stop being an ingrate. D role dt long seemingly harmless thing plays in maintaining peace and order in a country can’t b over-emphasized. Thank u and God bless…..

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