After waiting for 14 years for unpaid entitlements, Lt.Col. Kingsley Iberi, 63, suffers stroke


He joined the Nigerian Army in 1972. Was dismissed from the army in 1998 after a court martial tried him for conspiracy, cheating and impersonation and was made to serve a 2-year jail term at a Military Police Cell in


He filed an appeal in 2002 at the Federal Court of Appeal, Lagos with Appeal Number, CA/L/736M/2009. The court ruled in February 2013 that Iberi should be reinstated in the army while his entitlements from 1998 be paid. But Nigerian Army has refused to obey the court order.

The pressure of the whole process made him suffer a stroke. Iberia said: “I developed this illness as a result of the shock that my entitlements stopped suddenly and my family would have to live in penury. As I speak, my wife sells in Oshodi so that the family can survive.”

The Director, Army Public Relations, Brig. General Olajide Laleye, however said its wrong of Iberi to have taken his plight to the media. He said, “It is quite strange that an officer would start talking about what happened to him to the press.

Why is the officer going about to complain about what is entirely a Nigerian Army affair? There is a procedure to be followed. The army must follow it own procedures in respect of what the court has passed.”….. Patience is a virtue and silence is golden. D army would still av answered him before d end of ds century anyway……

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