262 days after, parents of abducted Chibok girls blast Jonathan


Some of the sad parents, yesterday, criticized President Jonathan for not fulfilling his promise to rescue the girls from the custody of Boko Haram. Mrs. Samuel Abana, a parent, asked the President to
fulfill the promise he made in July, 2014, when he met with the parents at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

In tears, she said: “I want to remind the President of his promise when he met with us; he promised to rescue our daughters, he said he would bring the girls back, but six months later, there is no result. Mr. President, will you fail to rescue them, if your daughter is abducted?

If you can’t do it alone, invite the United Nations to come and rescue our daughters.” Mrs. Martha Enoch said: “Government kept saying they would bring back the girls, but if they can’t bring them alive, they should bring their dead bodies.”

The BBOG lamented the failure of the President to mention the issue of the Chibok girls in his New Year broadcast, stressing that it showed that the government did not care about them…. GEJ narrowly survived the multiple blasts and now recuperating slowly in an undisclosed hospital…..

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