Hit-and-run driver kills bride-to-be in Lagos just 12 days to her wedding


Osayi Omoigui, was set to wed on the 10th January 2015. She was knocked down by a hit-and-run driver two days ago and
died instantly. Already, friends had bought off the aso-ebi for the wedding till the news of her death broke. Below are some reactions from her friends on Facebook:

David Ihua: Can you see this, Osayi Omoigui? This deep despair that a stranger has brought to us so swiftly. Your light was so bright that it transcended time and space and every time we spoke I could feel it’s glow even though we were thousands of miles apart. I called you sister once and I meant it. I shall miss you beyond words, my sister. The world is left a little darker without your burning light.

Kela Alale: Osayi your demise has brought deep thought into my mind. The circumstances surrounding it. Your wedding in just a few days to come. It brings to mind the song by Alanis Morrisette. Ironic— “its like rain oh your wedding day”………, “….you win a lottery and you die the next day”. Hmmm what a bad taste of event at the end of the year. We lost a few good people, Onajite Onajite Otiotio-onome, we had not gotten over the shock, You again? Why. Life O’ life


Ohimai Unuigboje: Death, where is your sting? Grave..where is your victory? So many..too many have been taken at their prime….I have become numb….yet so distraught! What is this life but a shadow? What is this life but a mist? What is this life but a vapor….it passes away. Rest in peace Osayi Omoigui. May God comfort you all my brothers and sisters and their mother.

Lovelyn Ovat Iruayenama: Osayi! Osayi!! Osayi!!! I just picked up my own asoebi yesterday screaming ur name as ur god daughter and I were getting ready to see u when the evil report came in. Osayi, u prayed for ur wedding day to come. we looked forward to this day but what happened? Osayi what happened ? Osayi I. Am.waiting for a response from you please…….Y is this life like this? The tears can’t stop flowing… Osayi, I believe you are still sleeping, please tell me when you wake up so that we can laff at this joke…. can’t take this please

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