“You would praise me when I leave office” — GEJ


He made this remark today, saying: “I always say that I will not even expect praises now because
hardly do people praise serving leaders. It is when you leave, people will begin to know. When you leave, people will begin to compare what you have done over the period vis-a-vis what others have done, then they will compare you with whoever takes over.

Probably that is the time some people will begin to say good about you. But I will do my best to make sure that we do change things. We are trying to create enabling environment for our economy to thrive irrespective of the challenges we are having in the petroleum sector and the security challenges we have.

I will do my best so that by the time I will leave, you will be able to say that when our son was there, he served the country well so that one day, another son of Bayelsa State may be given another opportunity to serve Nigerians”…… Nigerians r however saying they can’t wait for him to leave in 2019 and see if it’s true……

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