“There would be a pleasant surprise in 2015 elections” – Pastor Kalejaiye


Telling congregants to go and mark it and sounding angry with the way Nigeria is going, Kalejaiye, the regional evangelist of RCCG, during a recent sermon fumed: “Of what use is
my brother, my blood brother who is not going to move the nation forward?

And you want me to vote for him because he is my brother? Don’t let us deceive ourselves. We have to change our system… Who is a Christian? Who is a Muslim? When I was working somewhere, my boss was a Muslim. I enjoyed under him. My boss provoked me to study further.

My boss was always after my welfare. It shall be well with him wherever he is today. He is a Muslim. The soldier attached to me was with me for almost 15 years. I never knew he was a Muslim. The day he opened his mouth to say “Sir, I am Muslim,” I said “What? But you follow me to the camp.

You do this, you do that. He said that when it was time to pray he would pray. Brethren, wake up! Who is a Christian? That somebody goes to church doesn’t make him a Christian. That somebody bears Christian name doesn’t make him a Christian. You are a Christian yet there is no employment for our youths.

People who should be feeding their parents are still being fed by their parents. How many youths can get married today without the support of their parents financially? During our own time, we did our wedding, we only called our parents to come and eat. Today, our children who are 35, we are still feeding them.

What are we saying? Let’s call a spade a spade, brethren. Things cannot continue this way. Corruption is the order of the day. You can steal and nothing will follow. That’s all… Brethren, if you don’t do something, something will do you. Wake up!”….. ds man needs to b arrested and locked up as a lesson to others. ds isn’t d right time to speak d truth……

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