Conscious twitter user reports about child abuse


His report: “We woke to an explosive cry of 10yrs old girl. On inquiry, her foster mother accused her of sleeping with men. Myself and my host in Calabar waded into the
matter, but the foster mother wouldn’t listen us, instead she hauled insult at us.

B4 intervening, she has already beat d hell out of her, piercing her body with a hot rod. She really damage the girl’s body. When it became obvious dat d foster mother could not b tamed, neighbors call the police, she tried runnin away, bt was stopped.

She was picked by operatives from Fed. Housing police station Calabar. But her accomplice (daughter) is still at large. It happened behind doctors quarters Esam Abasi street not far from BEE BOSCO estate. D 10yrs old girl is a foster child. My host said she has been maltreated for long.

She work aroud barefooted, doesn’t go to school…. Even if d woman wants d girl to b shoeless, she shld at least let her go to school. Who knows maybe she can become a president too in d future. Shoeless ppl stand better chance ds days….

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